Kloos for Kansas
KLOOS for KANSAS Independent Governor 2018

Kansas is in a pivotal state and is not thriving like it should be. When thinking about the new leadership for this state, we need someone who will put Kansans before any allegiance to a political party. Kansas needs a leader who understands and addresses the needs of the people; one who will lead in a truly bipartisan way. For these reasons, I have chosen to run as an independent candidate.

It’s been said we need a revolution. While I agree with the idea behind it, I believe the answer lies with us. We need fresh vision and innovative ideas from the people here at home. Decisions for Kansas should be made for the residents, not the agenda of two parties. It’s time for a new era in Kansas. It’s time for a revitalization of Kansas. I believe I am best fit for this position because I have the heart of the people. I will listen and work on behalf of Kansans because I am a Kansan.