Meet Rick Kloos


My name is Rick Kloos and I have been married to my wife, Pennie, for thirty-two years. We have four boys, Ricky, Michael, Matthew and Nathaniel who are graduates and reside in Kansas.

I have come to appreciate this great state from my early years in rural Kansas by enjoying the outdoors -fishing, hunting and camping. As a teenager, I was known by the local farmers as “Mr. Stuck” because too many times I would get stuck mudding and have to be pulled out by one of the farmers with his tractor. At sixteen, I started driving a truck across Kansas, building my own business. I learned the value of hard work from my mother who is a German immigrant. I learned the art of negotiation from my stepdad, making my small business successful at a young age.

My wife and I graduated cum laude from Trinity College in North Dakota with a Bachelors in Theology and Ministerial Studies and served as clergy for nearly 30 years. I then continued my studies in substance abuse counseling at Washburn University and later received certification in ACPE which allowed me to serve both as a police and hospice chaplain in correctional facilities and clinical settings.

We have been in the Topeka community since May of 1998. Being bi-vocational in my career allowed my wife and I to spend 18 years in real-estate. From flipping homes to being licensed agents, we have experienced both the successes and lows of the industry.

In June of 2009, we started a non-profit thrift store employing a staff of 30. Its success is not credited to our leadership alone but in part to all our hardworking staff and volunteers.

Pennie and I have been in public service almost all our lives. We realize that life is no longer about our dreams, visions and aspirations but it’s about our kids and our grandkids. It’s about their future and the generations to come. And this is where our next season in life begins. Our journey is about the passion we have for Kansas and the desire for it to be a place where we all can successfully live.

Even with Kansas’ most current setbacks, I still believe Kansas’ best is yet to come. As an independent Governor who has the heart of the people, I will listen, choose and create policies that will be best for the people of Kansas, because I am a Kansan.