Kloos on Issues

Keep Kansas Home

Preserving Kansas' Appeal

Preserving Kansas’ appeal is at the top of my agenda. To accomplish that, I want to create a landscape where our businesses, young people and graduates choose to stay. I want to have one of the best education systems in the nation and a culture of creativity and innovation. I’d like to look at long term incentives for entrepreneurs and young farmers. One of the phrases I’ve coined is “Keep Kansas Home.” This phrase is a representation of my goal for creating a safe and thriving Kansas for generations to come.

Same-sex marriage & LGBTQ community

I am for traditional marriage between a man and a woman; however, as governor I will respect and uphold the Supreme Court's decision, which allows for same-sex marriage. I do not and will not discriminate against those who hold different beliefs and values that are contrary to my own. I will treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Medical Marijuana

While I am not for making recreational marijuana legal, my experience serving in the clinical arena as a former hospice chaplain gave me the insight to see the value of permitting medical marijuana in end life care instances. As governor I believe this is a decision that needs to be made jointly with the legislative, keeping in mind what the people of Kansas want.

Keep Kansas Safe


The phrase Keep Kansas Home is meant to embrace everyone. I want Kansas to be a place of diversity. I believe it is our responsibility to keep our state safe for everyone and the borders to be strongly secure; I equally believe in the importance of family. I am in support of finding pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and keeping families safely together.


In keeping with my pro-life values I believe the dreamers who were brought here by their parents illegally, should be given the opportunity to obtain citizenship.

Sex Trafficking

I recognize that sex trafficking is an insidious issue that plagues our communities. As governor, I will make every effort to support individuals and agencies that are working to combat sex trafficking. Additionally, I will make funding and resources a priority to restoration and shelter programs that assist survivors.

Second Amendment

As an avid hunter and fisherman in Kansas, I understand the importance of the 2nd Amendment. I believe all law-abiding citizens should be able to bear arms for hunting, sport and personal protection; yet I also know there are many who have not been trained to handle firearms. Handling any weapon requires respect of its power and education of its use. As a part of keeping our communities safe, I believe more educational programs should be implemented for the use of a sidearm.

Keep Kansas Educated


I believe creating an education system that continually rewards our teachers and brings back the competitive aspect to the career field is important. I want the best curriculum for Kansas and to provide schools with the proper resources and technology. I believe there should be a fair distribution among school districts. Kansas, in its peak, had one of the best education systems in the country; we need to see those days again.

Keep Kansas Viable


According to a 2017 study by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Kansas ranks 32nd in the United States by fiscal condition. Well short of our neighbors Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma who rank 11, 6, and 7 respectively. With our current tax plan, the state of Kansas is not bringing in enough revenue to support its needs. While I understand that no one enjoys paying taxes, some changes must be made for our state to function the way it should. My team and I have been exploring different options and are trying to figure out which plan would best serve Kansas and its people. Kansas’ budget is in a poor position and needs immediate correction; we must also be forward thinking in our budget planning. As governor, I want to create a working budget to ensure success, not only for now, but for the generations to come.

Minimum Wage

As a small business owner, there are many ramifications to consider. I am not opposed to raising the minimum wage, but wages must be relevant and practical to Kansas' economy.


Healthcare is not only a state challenge, but a federal one for years to come. As a middle class citizen paying out of pocket for family insurance, I understand the impact of the Affordable Care Act. My personal family policy went from $640 a month to $1,640 a month with a $12,000 deductible. However, I also realize as a businessman, we have employees who have their insurance subsidized because they do not receive enough wages to pay for basic coverage. Just to repeal and replace without a satisfactory plan would be disastrous. I am only for repealing and replacing if we have a working plan in place.