Strengthen Agriculture and Aviation

I will strengthen agriculture by allowing our farmers to PRODUCE INDUSTRIAL HEMP. Hemp could spur many economic benefits for agriculture and manufacturing in Kansas because it can be used in more than 25,000 products. It could also be a great alternative to many farmers out west, as hemp is believed to require less water than some crops. Hemp does not contain enough THC levels to get you high like marijuana. I also would like to promote agritourism as another revenue option since it has become increasingly popular. Lastly, I support the three-legged-stool tax approach, which utilizes the income, sales, and property taxes. When we take one away it puts pressure on the other. I also believe we cannot allow property taxes to go up on our farmers. I will continue to listen to organizations such as the Kansas Farm Bureau who advocate for our farmers.

Aviation employs around 32,000 people in Kansas. I want to do more research on how we can strengthen this asset of Kansas. Because of Kansas’ oil, Wichita became a prime place to build aircraft and eventually became known for being the Air Capital of the world. Aviation is a big factor in our state’s economy. That’s why I want to continue to strengthen aviation.